Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week In Pictures #6

It's picture time! And I got especially jolly looking at the picture I took of my volleyball gear because it's been years since I played last and this week I finally managed to do it again. It was so great! You don't remember how much you've missed playing it until you do it again and the only thing on my mind right now is when I can play it again. I was even invited to start training with a local team and was going to do that on Monday but then other things interfered. In any case, I'm busy planning a new game so I will leave you with some pictures.

Amazing sunset last Sunday / Cuticle oil seems to reflect my wallpaper quite artistically

Found the cutest flowerpots and transformed them into storage. How lovely do they look! / Gorgeous sunshine that almost lasted the whole week and that I also used for some boot reflection

Volleyball Gear! Haven't used those pads in years but they came in handy / How I eat my lemon poppy muffin - icing first

New little pepper growing in the sunshine / The ginger is making unexpected ginger babies!

Hope your week was nice and sunny too and I hope you have a great week starting tomorrow!

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  1. I love lemon and poppy seed muffins, been too lond since I made some x

  2. Ce bine poate arata muffin-ul ala! Yummy!

  3. That lemon muffin looks amazing!!!!!!!
    Love all your pictures so spring like :)



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