Saturday, April 6, 2013

Catrice Made To Stay Eyeshadow in Copper & Gabbana

I remember seeing this in the store, not buying it, then changing my mind and making it get to me in the end. Have to say, I am very glad I did, because it really does its name justice. It is made to stay.

Catrice Made To Stay  Eyeshadow in Copper & Gabbana swatch review

The Catrice Made To Stay eyeshadow will probably remind many of you of the Maybelline Color Tattoos. They are more or less of the same consistency and can be applied either with your finger, in which case you will get a bit of product but which will be super pigmented, or with a brush, in which case you can control the dosage and how much color you want. 
If I'm in a hurry I will admit to using my finger and I have never been unhappy with the result. 
My eyes don't look good with just any color,but the browns, coppers and blacks are the ones that keep them looking nice. This color is a bit on the orange side, but still beautifully metallic.

The question is, does it stay in place all day?

It does! And that, without any primer! If you add primer to the mix, you will get an unmovable color on your eyes. I was completely surprised the first time I tried it without a primer to see that after 8 hours of work, it was still going strong. Not even a crease!  It has actually even been tested at the gym and made it through incredibly well. 

Catrice Made To Stay  Eyeshadow in Copper & Gabbana swatch review

This color would, I am sure, look so great on a tan or darker skin in general. And on fair skin, it gives a regal air. I find it to be quite the universally gorgeous color.
Have you ever tried this product? And are you a fan of these kinds of eyeshadows or would you rather stick to the classical pixiedust version?                     

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  1. This looks lovely, wish I could get a hold of Catrice in the UK x

    1. So I've heard! I don't get why they don't bring it to the UK, it's quite the great brand

  2. Definitely going to buy this one but just in another colour!!



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