Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week In Pictures #10

Ladies and gents, I can now finally say: Spring has Sprung!
Maybe not fully, but at least it's nice and warm and the need for extra fluffy apparel has gone, which means you will now witness a more optimistic series of nature pictures than the last couple of weeks. 
And without further ado, let me introduce, the two spring bringers:

First proper flower in the garden / This awesome fellow landed on me last Sunday

The Monday teas / Clearly, I was liking my nails a lot that day

Even I was surprised how nice my locker looked so I took a picture / My most used gym items

To be honest, I just got it for the bottle, couldn't even finish it / My preciouses-es-es-es...!

That my friends is a homemande chocolate cup / An ode to Psych: irrelevantly placed pineapple 

How has your neck of the woods been looking? Any sign of warmer days coming your way or little ladybugs?

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  1. Inghetata arata asa de bine <3 Yum!

    1. Mi s-a parut geniala idea sa bagi ciocolata de casa in cornet :)

  2. Replies
    1. I was so thrilled to see one also! Means good things are coming :)

  3. Love this week in pictures of yours :) Did you make your own icecream?


  4. Superbe unghiutele...pastrez modelul in minte pentru urmatoarea manichiura :D

  5. I find it so funny the pineapple on the toaster. Have a great week this week too !

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