Monday, April 22, 2013

Officially Introducing Sally Hansen's Gray by Gray

If you've seen my "tiny" amount of polish purchases from earlier this week, you've probably noticed the Sally Hansen polishes I've picked up. I know I have, because they have been the first ones I grabbed to try. I'm already a fan of the X-Treme Wear range, so the assumption that I'd like these came pretty easy.
Long story short: I do! I do indeed like 'em a lot!
I remember having a massive obsession with this color a couple years back and not being able to find it. There was just a somewhat blueish gray that I was lucky enough to find that got the job done so far but gosh golly I'm glad to have gotten my paws on this!

Sally Hansen Gray by gray swatch
It's called Gray by Gray  but you can clearly see it's not only gray. I really like this cool blue undertone it has because it makes it a bit more universally useable. Works with a tan and works with pale winter hands, like I am sporting at the moment. It also works just as well with long or short nails. 

Sally Hansen Gray by gray swatch

It might go into the "borderline spring polish" category but I think that it's not really the season to wear it. Tis the season for pastels and bright colors.
But do we like this polish? We do, a lot! 

What do you think, would you be tempted to wear it?

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  1. This is such a lovely colour xx

  2. I love this shade!!! It's really pretty on you!

  3. It's a brilliant shade, I really like it and it would go with anything really. Sally Hansen have really stepped up their game lately!

  4. Liking the blue undertone, need it (See name lol)

  5. I tagged you with the Versatile Blog Award :) If you're in the mood, let us know 7 things about you :D

  6. Sorry, I forgot the link :))



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