Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week in Pictures #12

What I like about this place is that when spring hits, then it really hits! We all know that just a few weeks ago babies were freezing in the sun and by the looks of it, snow was feeling much too comfortable. Well, I'd like to inform you that yesterday I was tanning. Proper lying in the sun like a lizard with the intention of getting color. Which,for the record, I did. God, I've missed warm,comfortable sun! And I'm very excited that this is just the beginning of one of the two sunny seasons. 
I'd like to start my post off with two pictures that were taken 2 days apart. Go spring!

Wednesday / Friday

My mother, being the artist that she is, always likes to keep the table pretty / When in traffic, stare at clouds. Sounds reasonable.

The #Fassy Shrug. My best gif find of the week. I really like what the people on Tumblr come up with / Yep, wearing them flip flops. For the record, these have not been worn in years but it appears that on the day the sun is bright and the weather is right, al 256 other pairs are nowhere to be found

I feel like the #Fassy Shrug should be posted, just because it's awesome. It's an absolutely Zen image, especially at work where it's better to shrug it off than your head exploding. So, then

Feeling vastly british with my cucumber sammiches / Wrap season has begun!

My kind of plate / And my kind of temperatures

The horror of the mutilated chocolate. Was still delicious tho / Amazing sunset season is officially on                         

I'm definitely looking forward to a very sunny week! I hope you are too!

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  1. I love how tumblr is on your laptop in the background of the chocolate photo! Great post x

    1. I stand by my Tumblr haha. It's an awesome place

  2. Love it!! :) the #FassyShrug is too funny!!

  3. Gorgeous photos! Love me a cucumber sammich, you've got my tummy rumbling now :D X xo



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