Friday, April 12, 2013

March Favorites

Fashionably late as usual, I give you: March favorites!
To be honest, there initially was a very different lineup for this post but at the end of March, some goodies arrived and even after a pretty short period of testing, I have been HUGELY impressed.

Moa Green Balm
I have been using this for everything, from cuticles to lips, to face and hands. It is a universal savior and a definite repurchase. It has helped all my exposed parts during the freezing winter days, cold and wind. And with the dry skin that I'm sporting, it's quite magnificent to be able to do that. 

Nuxe Reve de Miel
Have almost all of us heard of the supernatural powers of this balm by now? I know I've stumbled upon nothing but praise. Even so, I wasn't too keen to believe everything because it sounded too good. Well you know what? It is THAT good! I'll have a proper review up soon and you will be able to hear all about how it has turned my lips from papyrus to velvet.

Eyeko Skinny Liner
I'm a gel eyeliner girl. Very dedicated to the gel cause, but boy oh boy this liner has shocked me. It has unbeatable lasting power. And I do mean unbeatable. No smudging, no moving, and seriously intense black. I could definitely be converted to this liner.

My fondness for Eyeko is quite great and in case you haven't noticed how obsessed I am with this mascara, I suggest you click on the link above to get to the review I did of it. 

Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse
I have been wanting to get my hands on this ever since I first saw it and I was right to want it! It's the best kind of lip product. Liquid but with a lipstick finish that is not too shiny and not too matte. Just right and especially great for dry lips that sometimes I prefer to not put lipstick,but more liquid products on.

Along with the MOA balm, this is still a great friend for when the hands are about to give up. It has got to be the thickest and most efficient hand cream I have ever tried.

And now to the favorite polishes: Sally Hansen The Real Teal and Barry M Mint Green.
You will find a lot of swatches for those on the blog, just type in Sally Hansen or Barry M in the search tab I have in the sidebar, because they are true spring colors.

Do we share any favorites here? What are some of yours?

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  1. Vai vreau si eu mascara de la Eyeko. De ceva vreme imi doresc sa o incerc si acum parca vreau si mai mult. :).

    1. Atat de mult imi place! Si e cu fibre,deci e perfecta. O poti cumpara cu free shipping de pe siteul lor :)

  2. The nail polish is a gorgeous shade x

    1. I think they're such spring colors. But need to grow the spring shade collection :D

  3. I love the Barry M nail polish it was in my march favourites as well x

    1. Isn't it great? I'd wear it all the time :D

  4. Still need to buy the Eyeko mascara somewhere!!

    1. with free shipping. That's where I got it :)



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