Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I've Found My Spring Nail Color!

The post you see now is not the one I had planned for today, but yesterday I swung by the post office to pick up what was going to become an instant obsession. It all began the second I opened the package and this cute presentation was staring at me. I mean, how can you not want to love it and never leave it?
I'm talking about Bondi's Botanical Beauty.

Bondi New York Botanical Beauty Swatch
I was so impressed by it, that by the time I had gotten back to the office I had to paint my nails. I mean, I knew the color was going to be great just by the looks of it on the Bondi website but it went way beyond once I held it in my hands.
Bondi is a new brand that is free of the nasties you don't want on your nails and that has just recently launched some gorgeous,gorgeous colors. You can check them all out on their website I linked above.
In any case, two coats later and I was a very happy camper.

Bondi New York Botanical Beauty Swatch

There were two things I instantly noticed about this polish: it dries ridiculously fast and it has great texture and coverage. I was already expecting to have to wave my hands in the air for a while before I could use them again and had mentally prepared an excuse I was going to tell people to explain the waving, but I didn't have to. It basically solved one of my biggest issues with nail polish: drying time.

Now, can we take a moment to talk about the color? Because it is absolutely gorgeous! I have a feeling this will be my most used spring color. It's the perfect not too girly but still very feminine lilac.
The next test is durability because if it can stay put for more than 2 days on my nails, it has passed every test in existence. You might not know this, but my nails have taken a pledge to exterminate all and any nail polish that is applied on them. I'll update you on how that goes, but by the looks of it after the first shower, this polish is badass.       

Can you tell that I'm incredibly excited about this it? I haven't been this excited in a long time but I do believe I have found my perfect spring nail partner. 

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  1. Chiar ca e o nuanta tare frumoasa! Din cate am observat 'face ravagii' primavara asta :P



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