Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Polish Days: 7 Deadly Sins

This Polish Days topic was a challenge to say the least. Why? Well because tell me what you visualize when I say 7 Deadly Sins ? I see a Magnum Ice Cream bar, for those of you familiar with the 7 sins ice cream series they made. Other than that...blank. And especially nothing that can be put on nails. 
I mean let's think about it, how do you embody sins on your nails? The best you can do is by colors or the abstract concept that the nail polish itself has once been seen as sinful. So just put on a polish and you're done? Mais non mes amis.
Which leaves us with the next best thing in my eyes: the combination of some of 'em sins, their colors to be more exact. In my eyes black and read embody sin pretty well, in general terms. I never found envy to be too green. I find it to be a very peaceful color. But black and red are powerful and unexpected.
So here's what the end result has been:

The pattern was chaotic on purpose. The truth is, I just splashed some dots of color and then tried to unite them in a somewhat fluid manner. I mean, that's how sin goes,doesn't it? You get a drop and it just flows into something completely unexpected.

I have the slight impression this is a pretty creepy manicure, but in the back on my mind, that was the actual intention. Sadly, the colors didn't seem to want to photograph too well and the fact that they were ridiculously shiny clearly didn't help my cause either. But there it is, my best interpretation of sins. All 7 of them.

And speaking of interpretations, here's the other girls' also


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  1. cool use of two polishes there!

    1. I need a more burgundy shade,because this did the job well but it could have looked even bloodier I think

  2. Lovely manicure! It immediately reminded me of sin too. Love the combination of colours you used!


    1. Thank goodness! These are really the two colors that make me think sin

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  4. Replies
    1. Mersi mult :) x
      Da si sperie oamenii de aproape :P

  5. Thankyou! It was at the last minute, I was close to not doing this month :P



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