Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring And The City

Basically, everything on my blog lately has somehow been themes spring. It might have something to do with the fact that it's my favorite season, that I get to wear shorts, that the sun is shining and that the outside has become vastly more comfortable than the inside of any building.

With that being said, my friend Anja and myself, who also runs a fashion blog over at Rose Clouds Of Night decided it would be a fun thing to do a "spring in the city" post.Here is her flower filled spring awesomeness: If My Eyes Could Take Pictures
Now, I don't know about you, but I work 8 hour days and that means I miss out on most of the great sunshines happening outside my window, but I can still enjoy some of it in the middle of concrete. More or less. So here's a bit of a glimpse of my views, from the vastly urban office building and brick surroundings.

 On the first day of sunshine and blue skies I was walking up to the parking lot and just had to take a picture of this. Basically because of the man made attempt to bring "nature" into such a un-natural environment.
 Same goes for this picture. A very pretty attempt to mirror a bit of the skies. Of course, great to look at but not even half as interesting as the real deal. I mean, just look at the two
This my friends is what I call an urban lunch. At least the food itself was home made, it would have been even more cliche to pick up some Burger King and munch away on the bench. But, it was one of my best lunches so far. Even got a slight tan 
 And here's what it's all about: the green ! Nothing makes me happier than this strong green that nature is bursting with in spring

Last but not least, my favorite picture. In the middle of all this glass and steel and brick and plastic, you have blossoms. Absolutely perfect.

 How does your city look in spring? Or actually, how do your immediate surroundings look?                    

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  1. lovely pictures! Spring is also my favourite season and I've been doing a lot of spring themed posts. Where I am it's really pretty and green with flowers everywhere in spring- I love it! :) x



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