Saturday, December 1, 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Hot Chocolate Mask

In Montagne Jeunesse we trust!
Seriously, they're one of the few brands I let on my face, mask-wise.
I still had two of their masks left,  Hot Chocolate and  Strawberry  Souffle

montagne jeunesse hot choco orange cocoa heating face mask montagne jeunesse strawberry souffle face mask
Clearly, both look equally delicious but the part about the Self Heating in one of them made me curious, so I tried it.
I wasn't too much of a believer in the self heating part, because I wasn't sure how that would work, but lo and behold, once I put it on my face, it went warm!
Ok, it didn't stay warm the entire time, maybe just for one minute, but it was a very nice feeling.

montagne jeunesse hot chocolate orange cocoa heating face mask
As you might know by now, I have dry skin. And the cold doesn't help with it, which always makes me think twice before I put masks on my face, because very few of them don't leave my skin somewhat dry after removal.
Well, this one didn't! And truth be told, I was expecting it to do so, because cleansing masks have ingredients that dry the skin out BUT it does have orange oil which probably saved the day.
The two main ingredients are Cocoa ( Yum!) and Orange, both being on the hydrating side of things, especially the orange oil.

What I really liked about this was the fact that I was left with a bit of a cocoa tan after washing it off, not to mention that my skin was in no way dry and looked quite spiffin.

All in all
I liked it, might not be the most ideal one for my skin type, but the heating effect is definitely worth trying, even just for curiosity purposes.

Here's some other Montagne Jeunesse face masks I tried:
The Deep Conditioning Hair Mask 
Very Berry Face Mask 

Have you tried any so far? What do you think?



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