Friday, December 14, 2012

Favorite Smells

I'm very much guided by my nose, which means if something doesn't smell good, as amazing as its description might be, I will not touch it .
But I do have some smells that will make me vastly happy each time we meet, and here they are:

Let me explain the Cotton  as the rest are pretty easy to imagine.
There's this shower gel from Yves Rocher  that smells like cotton and from the second I smelled it, it gave me the most amazing sense of calm and tranquility.

I have a very special relationship with Fresh Cut Grass. I will stop everything if I hear a lawnmower and go there, nose first, to see if there's some cut grass waiting to be smelled. I prefer this to happen in spring, as the smell is much stronger then.
Orange and Spices... a little winter cliche,but doesn't it just give you a homey feeling when you feel the smell?
Moving on to summer, walking though Lavender Fields is so great. Especially with that soothing warmth all around you. It's like the whole air around you is one big flower.
And last but not least, as a matter of fact THE most incredible smell, waking up in the Mountains and smelling that air! Of course, an amazing view like this one doesn't hurt either, but I love that crisp,clean air that feels like it's doing your lungs a huge good just by inhaling it!  This one too I prefer in spring, when nature is just bursting.

What about you, what are some of your favorites?

Let's turn this into a tag thing, and I'm gonna tag 5 ladies I'd be curious to know the answers of. I could tag 10 or 15 also, but I'm gonna go ahead and demonstrate self control.


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  1. Hello,
    When I read Cotton here, the first thing which came in my head was the shower gel from Yves you said too..
    Me I like Liliac I lot, it remember me a lot of things from my childhood..

  2. Fresh cut grass? Roses ? Girl , we are so so so different , you'll find out what I love on Sunday , when I complete my preferences :)



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