Thursday, December 6, 2012

When Windows goes nuts...

I think all Windows users have had it happen sometimes. You happily turn on your computer and the sound of doom hits! The error you don't wanna hear!And before you know it, your operating system doesn't want to play along . That's what happened to me on Sunday.
Sound of doom and death, so my laptop gave its last breath and I managed to get everything reinstalled only now.
Luckily I had some post scheduled  but when those were up, I had nothing more left. And I will have some recovering to do as most of my blog photos got misplaced during reinstallation.

This post is just to let you know I will be back, but it's probably going to happen properly only next week, but til then, check out My November Favorites or my Pretty Photos of My Favorite Color: Mint or even Color Block Nails , in case you missed them :)

See you very very soon!                    

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  1. LOL i loved the pictures but I'm sorry to hear abotu you losing your pics! I use Drop box now, its a life saver when my stuff gets accidentally deleted (which it has -____- I feel your pain!)

    1. Oh yeah,it's really a joy...
      I usually save stuff on my non-windows partition but some things still left the building



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