Sunday, December 2, 2012

Polyvore Collage Day: Tokyo

Well this was fun  to make!
The theme was Tokyo and to me, that city and Japan fashion in general tends to not make much sense,as everything goes with everything and then you put some more on top and for some reason, it turns out pretty cool sometimes.
That's why, I combined some everything with some more everythings. I would have gone a bit more crazy, except I couldn't find what I was looking for. 
My first thought was neon baby! But proper neon tings are harder to come by. I should install that Polyvore toolbar and enrich their collections.

I'll show you what I did first

Tokyo Style

Tights:  the crazier the better! And if it wouldn't be cold and the tights not so warm, I'd go out and get some weird ones right now. But I'll leave it to spring. I think a lot of cute Harajuku girls wear all sorts of tights and these two were the ones that fit in.
For the record, I had no space in this collage anymore, or I would have put double the items in here.
Hello Kitty hat...well you can't have Tokyo without a shoutout to the mother of all kitties, can you? That's why I threw in some glasses too.
Shorts: I'd wear two of them, I probably wouldn't go near the fringy ones, simply because they don't fit my style.
Tops: like I said, neon is hard to come by, so the closest I got was the green and grey/blue shirt. As for the sweaters, I think the bow is the right amount of Tokyo cute and the other one is oversized enough to make some Japanese girls happy.
Shoe-wise I think Converse is a safe bet and for some reason I envision fur when I think Tokyo Street Style.
So I put some fur in there.

If you try to visualize some of these things together, you'd end p surprised by the fact that they could and will actually work!

In any case, if you want to join in next week, make sure you let me know in a comment or on Twitter @TreasureChestt you want to join. And make sure you VOTE for next week's theme right here:

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  1. I love the heart jumper, so cute but not too in your face x

  2. Lovely ><
    As Harajuku lovers , your site is good way to find ideas//
    thanks admin



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