Thursday, December 27, 2012

MUA LipBoom Review and Swatches

Last week I showed you what I  got for my first oder from MUA HERE and if you recall, I was very impressed by the lipsticks.
Well, now I will show you my favorite first, the Lipboom in                          

MUA lipboom swatch

I'm all for nude colors and it's one of my favorite things to wear. I have to say, this is the perfect nude. It doesn't get more nude than this.
It's flesh color but you can also tell that you're wearing something, and the fact that it's matte adds to the great look.
Here's what it looks like on my lips

MUA lipboom swatch

Now, as you can see, this is a LipBoom and that means it comes with a gloss too. You'd think the gloss color doesn't really work with the nude ( like I did ), but you would be wrong. They work perfectly together.
The tip on the packaging is to apply some gloss to the middle of the lip for a fuller effect.

Here's what it looks like.

MUA lipboom swatch

Does look fuller, doesn't it?
You can see the glitter in the gloss, because you have to know, there is a lot of glitter in it!

You can wear the lipstick, the gloss, or you can wear them together, which is a pretty cool thing to be able to do.
I like to wear the lipstick most because I'm super impressed by it, and it's much greater than I had expected. Like I mentioned in the other post I liked in the beginning, it's the perfect combination of moisturizing yet dry enough for it not to fade off after half an hour.

As for lasting power, very impressed with it too! It can go up to 3-4 hours, with the occasional tee,water or coffee drinking that happens at work.

All in All I'm much more impressed than I thought I would be and will definitely buy it again!

Have you tried any MUA lipsticks?

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