Monday, December 17, 2012

Golden Polka Dot Nails

If you too are bombarded with winter decorations everywhere you look ( I even have globes over my desk at work as a matter of fact, placed there by an arguably suicidal climber), you probably have a rather festive color scheme in front of your eyes.
I'm noticing once again that I need a black polish, because I planned this manicure with black, but I think dark blue has worked much better this time, so behold, a little festive nail attempt:

nyx robotic w7 gold dazzle gold polka dot glitter festive nails nail art christmas

Really awkward lighting going on here, because it looks like my nails have some bald spots, but in real life they are the perfect combination of cute and weirdly classic. Yes, classic polka dots, I said it.
I really like doing polka dots with these W7 glitter polishes because they end up like little glittery globes.
Last time I used one of them, it looked like rhinestones and you can check it out for yourself Here.

Here's also what I used for it.

nyx robotic w7 gold dazzle gold polka dot glitter festive nails nail art christmas

We have  NYX Robotic and W7 Gold Dazzle.
I think I might try some more combinations with gold polka dots because I have a feeling it would looks very great with dark red nails.

But let me direct you to the other ladies who have been putting blue on their nails today also.

Gosia from Life in Color!
Mihaela from Lacquerbuzz
Marisa from Polish Obsession 
Mandy from Chameleon Stampede          

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  1. Love it, not too festive, so it could easily be worn any other time of the year! :)

    1. Yeah, I think they can be an all round thing, you're right!

  2. So cute! xx

  3. imi aduc aminte de niste pulovere cu buline, foarte dragute <3



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