Sunday, August 5, 2012

Safely Removing Your Eye Make-up?

Let me tell you a couple of things I've learned,especially when it comes to removing eye make-up,because that one is the hardest to do and should be done in the most gentile manner.
We are talking about eyes here,and the skin around them is the thinnest and most prone to get ruined and get wrinkles.Rubbing your make-up off like a maniac is about the worse thing you can do

So,here's what I do:
I used to have a fatty, vaseline based cream at hand for it but the truth is,it takes a bit of rubbing and it requires make-up pads. To my eyes,make-up pads are dry and pretty rough,so I stopped using vaseline ointment.
Wanna know a secret tho? Vaseline helps your lashes grow and get fuller.  So don't dismiss it just yet. You can apply it on your lashes before going to bed and in a couple of weeks you will see results.
But for me,other things work nicer.

Here's some TIPS:
1.ALWAYS use a make-up remover that is SPECIFICALLY designed for removing eye make-up.
2.Use oil or oil based make-up removers.They're good for the skin and they moisturize while doing their job
3.Try to use make up removing wipes,but again SPECIFICALLY for eyes.They're wet and that makes them less rough
4.IF you use liquid make-up removers then place the pads over your eyes,and let your eyes soak a bit.It will require less rubbing that way.

Here's the stuff I use. Sometimes just one,sometimes the other,but always in collaboration with the wipes :)

  • Vichy 3 in 1 One Step Cleaner ,that I wrote about in the post about my july favorites.
  • My own, concocted oil. It has argan,olive,orange and rosehip oil in it,amongst other oils.Rosehip for example is super full of vitamins and it has a natural UV protection factor.
    I'll be doing a post about this soon,as oils can be really great for the face.
  • The magic wipes: Lately, Purex 3 in 1 Facial Wipes have been working really well for me.
  • I also included the Vaseline based Calendula ointment,because it is really good for your skin and even for your eyes,just not ideal for removing make-up.

What I've just tried is:
- Garnier Clean&Fresh Eye Make-up Remover

It is liquid,which is a good thing,but it did feel a little stingy in my eyes even if it says it is suitable for sensitive eyes also. There's also a lot of parabens in it,which I prefer not to use.

I will still stick to Vichy,which is paraben free and will remove even waterproof make-up without causing any irritation to and around the eyes. It has actually happened once that I got some Vichy in my eye and was surprised to realize,nothing burned.

What do you use for your make-up removal routine?

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  1. Really would like to try some of the vichy products :) My eye make up removers running out and after your review i'm considering this one :)

  2. One of my flatmates used to put Vaseline on her eyelashes it was always to funny to see her walking about with it on her eyelashes lol. I am trying to get my followers up at the moment so if you like what you see I will greatly appreciate your follow :). If you already follow I apologise.


    1. yeah,i thought it was funny too at first,but it's really effective. obviously though,you shouldn't plaster the whole pot on hehe

  3. I've been using the botanics one recently. Not too sure about it as it's a little too oily for me but I'll stick with it for a while! Great post :) Becci xx

    1. i have dry skin so oily make skin happy,but you should stick to what feels good

      really glad you liked the post! :D

  4. I have the exact same problem with Garnier! The stinging feeling always makes me look like I'm highly emotional cause my eyes seem to water so much. I use Simple now, have you tried it? It has no scent or anything so it's really calming on the eyes, it's not over priced either :)

    I found you through Bbloggers unite alse and I'm your newest follower.. hello :) If you get chance check out my blog.

    I hope you're having a fantastic week!

    Clover x

    1. Never tried Simple. Am pretty satisfied with Vicy so far,but if I need to change,I'll give it a go for sure



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