Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Lemonade Collection Recipe

We've all had lemonade and we've all appreciate its refreshing abilities at least once this summer.
What I hadn't realized until recently was, lemonade doesn't just mean lemons!
I had this epiphany one afternoon as I was sitting on a terrace and saw they had all sorts of lemonades on their menu. Raspberry Lemonade? Ginger Lemonade? Melon Lemonade?  Tell me more!

What I can say is that I have become addicted to raspberry lemonade since,so I've been making it a lot.

My first question is: Can you make lemonade? If not,we will start with that.

What you need:

- Lemons (as much or as little as you want.I like the juice of about 2 squeezed lemons/ 500ml  of soda )
- Sugar,preferably brown. There is no exact quantity for this. Add some, taste, add some more if needed.
- Soda or regular water,but soda makes it more bubbly and yummy.
- Fruit of your choice: you can do strawberry, raspberry, mango, peach, orange, melon, ginger, mint etc. Go wild!

What you need to do:

- Mix lemon juice, soda and sugar together
- Blend or mash your fruits if they are mashable, If it's an orange,just squeeze the juice and add some slices.   If it's ginger,cut it in thin slices and squeeze it a bit so the flavor comes out
- Mix lemonade with fruit paste/juice/slices
- Throw in some ice cubes if you like to


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  1. Oh wow. I'll definetly be making this. I spend so much money on the lemonade from Costa, and mostly that's just ice! :)

    Thank you! xx

  2. Oh goodness, I cannot even begin to describe my love for lemonade!
    Your recipe is perfect! You have to try blueberry-ginger lemonade. It is to die for.

    T -

    1. Oh,that sounds more delicious than you can imagine! Definitely next on my list!

  3. Just thought I'd let you know that I've just made some! :) Jusr regular lemonade today, as that's all we had in the house, but I'm defo going to make some strawberry lemonade in the week! :) x

    thanks again for this tutorial!

    1. Love it! Hope you enjoyed every last drop! And I'm sure you'll enjoy the strawberry lemonade a lot too! Let me know how it goes! x

  4. I love strawberry lemonade! Thanks for the recipe. I wonder what mango lemonade tastes like...



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