Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Love ... Mango Papaya Bath and Shower Gel

For a long while I stopped using shower gels,because they dried out my skin in quite a ridiculous manner,but the day I smelled this shower gel,was the day I decided to give them a try again.

I've always liked the description on the I Love... products,and sitting in the shower and reading the bottle just makes me wanna cover myself in the whole deliciously smelling thing.
For the same reason,I'm really appreciative that they make such big bottles. More of the good stuff for me!

I was also pretty surprised that it didn't dry out my skin in the dramatic way I had expected it.
Another surprising thing was how long the delicious smell of mango and papaya lasted on my skin. With shower gels, you usually smell the scent when you're under the shower. You enjoy it for a couple of minutes and off it goes. This one, on the other hand, stayed with me long after I left the bathroom, and I was told I spread it out through the house quite a bit too. Call me a human house fragrance if you will.

The Ingredients:

As usual,  little 'ol me was happy when there were no parabens poking my eye on this list.The truth is, beside that, it contains many of the ingredients that every other shower gel uses.
I personally am a fan of "the shorter the ingredient list,the better", and ideally totally preservative free,  but that is quite hard to achieve with such products, so Paraben Free makes me jolly for now.

All in all:

I'm hooked on this yummy smelling shower gel! One thing you can be sure is that the nice people at I Love... will always come up with smells that will make you want to eat their products or at least leave your mouth watering!
Luckily enough, they also put a warning on the package, discouraging you to not eat it, as good as it may smell. And thank God for that! The temptation is too great!

 Have you tried any I Love... products? What's your favorite?

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  1. Wow. I'll have to try this, particularly as the smell lasts. I always find that that's such a shame with showers gels how easy the scent fades. :)

    I've tried the I love... Strawberries and Milkshake body butter and lipgloss. They came in a little pack, and smell amazing! :D X

  2. Love this!! Will have to try it someday, I do see it has SLS, but still I use The Body Shop products with SLS once in a while too!! Ixx

    1. I have the same "every now and then I can deal with it" policy :P

  3. I've nominated you for a blog award, please check it out!


    1. I've gotten so so many liebster awards that it's impossible to manage to answer them all BUT I am following you :)

  4. This sounds lovely! I've tried I love... Strawberries & milkhake body scrub and the bubble bath, its nice but reminded me of peaches, not strawberries?! But I still liked it :) x

    1. I need to get my smell memory functioning. I remember "yummy smell" so far haha

  5. Sounds amazing! I bet it smells like a dream, perfect for summer days... the few that we get :D


  6. I haven't tried any of them but I always look at them!

    Much Love: If you fancy a nosey. xx

    1. I did that for a long while too,then I said,let's give it a go.And it smelled naaaaaais! :D



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