Friday, August 31, 2012

Favorite Summer Eyeshadows

Clear keywords for the past three months.

It's been warm,then it got warmer,then it got back to being warm and it stayed like that.Even as I type this, it's 28 Degrees outside. Which meant that my face has seen as little make-up as possible. You can imagine that at 40+ C temperatures, you don't really want to feel anything than a cool breeze.

As far as colors go, I like shades that accentuate the tan or that work well on a sunkissd skin. That's why the following eyeshadows have been definite favorites.

I stumbled on them by compete accident and said "Why not,let's try it!". I'm so glad I did!
They are pearly, bronze beauties!

Both from Catrice,  we have Mr.Copper's Fields and Oh,It's so Toffeeful!

Mr.Copper's Fields  is a dark copper shade, as the name says, and it gives a perfect accent when combined with Oh,It's so Toffeeful! The latter is a shiny light bronze color that gives your eye a subtle glow. I love it! Even used it as a sorta bronzer and it looked gorgeous!

Last but not least, here's what it looks like on my eyes.

What's your favorite eyeshadow? Do you have any colors that you love and couldn't do without?

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  1. These eyeshadows look beautiful :)

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway :)

  2. Your eye doesnt look evil haha.. its really pretty

    1. I have a feeling of " I kill joooo!" (Don't know if you know Achmed's stand up routine). Maybe it's just me,thank God if it's just me!haha

  3. Love it! It looks very natural on you. Looks beautiful, especially with the eyeliner :)


    1. I'm a firm believer in "eyeliner makes everything better" :P

  4. I like those colors, Ive never seen that brand before. We definitely need to do a swap. I just finished sending my last one . So We'll talk soon.



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