Saturday, August 11, 2012

HEMA Essential Oils Face Mask

I'm a very big fan of masks. I'll admit,I prefer to rub some mango or papaya on my face and forget all about it,but I also have a serious collection of face masks,like you can see here:

This actually just was what I purchased last,but since I haven't gotten to testing any yet,I will do so now.

The one that sounded really fascinating to me was the Essential Oils mask by HEMA. HEMA is a dutch everything brand.They have a saying in Holland that says "If you can't find it at Hema,it's not worth looking for".
You will see,that this mask it has quite a few oils in its composition and that made me want to try it.

Yes, it is a clay mask and yes clay and mud masks have a tendency of drying your skin out,which is not ideal when you have dry skin to begin with BUT I figured,since it's so full of oils,it might not be as dramatic.

I was right. My skin felt considerably less dry than with the usual clay masks.
The smell reminded me a bit of a dentist. Not sure if my smell memory is somehow disturbed,because I'm not sure what could have smelled like dentist,but moving on,shall we?

The mask says that it's relaxing and purifying. And it's true,it really did feel relaxing. As for purifying...well there wasn't much to purify to begin with,but I will suppose it purified what could be purified.


As you can see,it's filled with essential oils. Lavander,Jasmin,Salai,Juniper,Rose,Santal or Clove Oils,being just some of them.
I appreciate it also having no parabens, unlike some other masks I had tried.

All in all,I did like it ,except my skin is just not made for clay masks,but if you have normal,mixed or fatty skin,this is a mask for you.

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  1. great review! i have combination skin so im not sure if i should try these! xoxo thanks for posting! <3

    1. it should work pretty well and relieve some of the oiliness :)

  2. Great revieuw! How much was the mask? I might give it a shot if it's worth it.
    I saw you had some van der hoog masks too. I can tell you, they dont add anything or do anything special to your skin. At least, that was my experience. As if i never put on a mask! But maybe it'll work differently on you :)


    1. was 1.10€ and you can usually find them right across from the make-up counter.
      I had reviewed a van der Hoog mask ( ) and it was pretty great after sitting in the sun,felt real good BUT it's filled with parabens,which means,as much as your skin feels nice,there's a proportional damage done to it

  3. This is a great post! I love using face masks!
    Those clay masks sound perfect for my skin as it tends to get quite oily at times!
    You have a lovely blog, I found you through BBU Blog Hop!
    Please take a look at my blog and let me know what you think :)

    Natasha Carly x

    1. I'd love to use more clay masks,because they're pretty great. sadly,my skin had gotten too dry for them,but as you can see,I still like to go against it every now and then :P

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