Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nail Tek Intensive Therapy

Last week I was sleeping over at a friend and at one point I see her whip out a little bottle and starting to put it on her nails enthusiastically.
Initially I had no idea what it was,until she showed me the box it came in. It was the Nail Tek Intensive 
Therapy for soft,peeling nails. 

I had been meaning to try it for ages,but since it's only available in the US, it was a bit hard to get hold of. She had gotten it from a friend who got back from a trip in the US and was super thrilled about it.
Of course,I wanted to try it too!
And so I did.
It seems you can use it as a base or top coat,as it will always fulfill its purpose,no mater in what part of the nail sandwich you put it.
I had no polish on,(for reasons I cannot explain!) so it ended up being a base coat.

The instructions for using it are as follows:

I only applied it for a couple of days but could already see progress.And that is amazing because my nails have been permanently damaged by chlorinated water and 4 hrs of swimming a day in said substance,and it has been very hard to make them get back to a good state since.

I'm pretty impressed by this and I'm gonna try to get my hands on some as soon as possible!

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