Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Benefit Concealers Revealed

How great was that title?Huh?

Leaving my masters degree in Wordsmith behind, let’s proceed to comparing and analyzing these two.

Stay Don’t Stray and Boi-ing

Stay Don’t Stray

This is only a primer for the concealer that is going to be applied, but I was impressed with it. I think it can stand alone easy as it’s better at concealing than a lot of products specifically designed for that.
It really has amazing coverage and with a tiny drop, everything disappears. It needs a bit of blending as it is quite bright, but it doesn’t get any minus points for that.
I really liked what it does in terms of making dark circles go away!


For an “industrial strength” concealer, I didn’t seem that powerful. I was surprised to see it cover less than the Stay Don’t Stray Primer. That one left no indication of something dark being underneath it, the Boi-ing on the other hand…kinda did.
I don’t think it was a bad choice of shade, as I had the brightest, so in theory it should have been comparable to the primer, if not even better.

BUT using the Boi-ing over the Stay Don’t Stray  primer will probably give you a beautiful result!

What I’ve been told great things about is the Erase Paste, also from Benefit. I have yet to try it,  but I have high hopes and if anything can replace my current concealer, I will praise it from here to the tips of the trees. So stay tuned, you might hear miracles being told about!

My problem with both of them is that they dry out on my face and give me wrinkles by creasing in a very weird manner. I mean, I know my face and I know I’m at least 10 years too young for wrinkles, especially under my eyes.

The dryness might have something to do with the fact that I never use foundation so I just applied it on my bare skin, but then my question is, was it just created to be put on a foundation or primer base? It’s a bit discriminatory towards people like me who chose not to or well…don’t really need the base. Not trying to sound patronizing, but I just need concealer as my skin is quite good in its natural state and I’d like to keep it free for as long as my genes allow me.

But that was my only complain, the texture just didn’t fit my skin or my routine. I think because I’m used to the texture and blending behavior of my Rimmel Concealer, I expect it from others too. I think I’ll just stick to that one though.

If I’d have to pick a favorite, it would be Stay Don’t Stray for sure. It really covered up nicely and it’s just a concealer base. I personally would use it alone as it does a great job in hiding things. Not to mention that you can use it on a number of areas, seen as it is indeed a primer. The concealer part is my personal opinion on how you can use it, because I was really impressed by its coverage.

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