Monday, September 3, 2012

You can HELP! Blue Pinky Swear Against Bullying Campaign

Hey everyone!

A while ago,I found out about a campaign against bullying that MeanStinks are doing. It is called Blue Pinky Swear Against Bullying Campaign and as the name says, it implies painting the nail on your pinky blue to show support.

What I want is to do a post to raise some awareness because bullying,in all of its forms is an awful,awful thing! Sadly,it's moving more and more into new territories, like the web and not only.
School is also starting and that sadly means bad news for some. It's a heartbreaking reality that more and more young people have to suffer because of bullying and I think if you and I can do something about it, we should!
I will be doing a post with as many contributors as possible, and that means as many of you that want to join!

What To Do

Paint your pinky nail blue and take a picture of it. Any blue will do.Be creative or keep it simple,it's completely up to you.

What To Do With The Picture

You can either:

1. Do a blog post, describing what it is for ( The Blue Pinky Swear Against Bullying Campaign from MeanStinks) and linking it to the Man Blog Post (which will be the post on this blog). Then  you send me the link so I can include it into said Main Post
2. If you do not own a blog or don't have the time to do a post, send me the picture and I will include it in the Main Blog Post

If you want to join,leave a comment or Tweet @TreasureChestt with your email address so I can send you more details about what you can do and when to do it for.


  1. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a blue color for my nails! I will let u the post here!

    Love from Barcelona!

    1. i am doing an anti bullying thing with my FCCLA chapter and i am getting well making all my friends do this.

  2. I've joined! All the images are clickable!



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