Friday, September 28, 2012

Alove Solid Lotion Bar Review

I think you remember seeing this little fellow around, haven’t you?
That’s because it’s my new favorite thing!
You might have heard me complain about dry hands, dry nails and dryness in general. It’s because once autumn got here, so did a completely new climate that your skin might or might not have gotten used to very easy. In my case, I have hands that feel a bit like parchment paper. And with them, the rest of my skin also.
I can only foresee the moisture I’m going to need once winter hits.

In any case, this little thing of  beauty has been a life saver!
Apart from its super cute packaging and shape(who can resist a cupcake, I ask!), it also has the ingredients that I LOVE!
Shea Butter, Pomegranate Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E.
I’ve swooned about Shea Butter here already and what I can tell you about the other oils is that they are known for their glorious capacity to moisturize!

Alove is a really new company and counts as an absolute insider tip. They only work with organic and natural certified ingredients and of course no preservatives other than what you’d find in nature. The Vitamin E in this case serves as preservative. And in the end, when you have a product based on natural oils and fats, you don’t need much else to keep it fresh. I don’t mean fresh forever, but about 6 months for sure.

The reason why I stumbled upon this brand is because I know the person who makes them. She’s in the process of setting up her own webshop and blog. You can find the Blog HERE and I suggest you follow because once she goes live, you’re going to want to see what goodies she has to offer. I can guarantee they all look this cute!

Solid Lotion Bar I say? Well yes, because it is a Shea butter based bar that is a moisturizing beauty! Super practical because it is well…solid, and that means you can pretty much stick it in your pocket and whip it out whenever you feel something dry on you.
I use it for hands, body and even face and lips when I need to.
It's especially handy when your legs feel dry after you shave them. One stroke of this and you're set.
I put it in a zip-lock bag and always carry it around with me so that my hands are perfectly moisturized whatever the weather.

This what it looks like in the nude.
It's around 100g that will last you for a surprising amount of time. I've been using it for weeks and it's not even halfway through. Definitely worth investing. It costs 5 Euro for what you see here, which to me is pretty cheap, considering I would have gone through two bottles of lotion by now if it wasn't for this.

All in all

A’love it! Good one,huh? Well I indeed do, because it combines all the natural ingredients I absolutely adore, has zero preservatives and basically does 100% good to my skin.
The truth is, I’ve gotten to the point where after using it for a week, I don’t even feel my skin dry anymore. I think it kinda balanced it out somehow and my skin is just in a nice, happy state.

This smells like lavender ( and you can WIN one of them if you enter my First International Giveaway Here) but there was also rose, lilac and something that smelled so delicious that I was afraid I'd take a bite. Think lilac will be next on my list for sure! In case you were wondering, it is essential oils that give it the smell, so no weird ingredients there either.

I suggest you follow the Alove Lady and check this little beauty out when you have the chance, it will probably do as much good to you as it did to me.

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  1. I really love the look of these. I keep swooning every time I see it mentioned on your blog. :) I'm going to follow Alove Skincare blog now, very excited for it to go live. :) x

    1. I got some sneak peeks so far and they're so pretty! And I'm discovering all sorts of new oils that do wonders for your skin because of this brand

  2. Ohhh iv never heard of this brand before but this looks so cute, love the packaging, will have to do some research! xx

    1. You might not find anything about it,as it's as underground as it gets, it's not even launched yet :)
      The only think I can link you to is the blog I've mentioned in the post if you wanna stay updated :)



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