Sunday, September 9, 2012

Favorites: Highlighting and Illuminating

I think that between my Highlighter Addiction Wishlist and the recent swooning over the MeMeMe SunBeam you might have gotten the slight hint about the serious obsession I have for highlighters.

As I mentioned in the post about the MeMeMe SunBeam , I'm a firm believer that a highlighter can do so much for your face! It also is one of the most multipurpose products I own, as I can use them from eyeshadow to primer to liptint (yes,I also did that with the MeMeMe SunBeam ).

By highlighter I do mean every product that adds some extra light and shine to your face, so it's not going to be limited to one type of product.

For example, as you can see above, I included shimmer powder, bronzer, illuminating primer, highlighter and some bronze&shimmer cream.

The Bronze & Shimmer cream from Yves Rocher was actually the first thing I got in the "adding sparkle" department. I didn't know too much at that point and their shop was close by, but I was quite happy with it.

The Bronzer is Elf and again, it was the first bronzer I tried. Truth is, the color fits my skin really well and I haven't found a bronzer to give me the same effect so far, so I'm sticking with it.

The Shimmer Powder I must admit...I don't know why I got it. Maybe because it was on some ridiculous sale and I figured "hey, maybe one day  I'll use it for something". I have yet to use it.
But it can add a nice touch to your face, I am sure!

The Face Shop is a South Korean brand and I only once got my hands on some of their products, when my mother was in Seoul. Needless to say, it's not a week-end trip and in Europe you get few Asian beauty brands, this not being one of them. The little pot contains a pearly white pigment that looks gorgeous in the inner corner of your eye or under your eyebrow for some beautiful highlighting.

The L'oreal Lumi Magique is a primer in itself but it can be used for some subtle illuminating on your cheekbones. The most effective spot to add a highlighter is the bridge of your nose. It will have the maximum effect and will clearly lighten up your face, but make sure you apply it evenly and blend it in at the edges and going up to your forehead or you might look like you hit a bright wall, nose first.

And this brings us to the amazing MeMeMe Sunbeam. It's the perfect highlighter and the color blends incredibly well with my skin tone. It instantly gives a gorgeous glow and even my tired eyes look more awake. I recommend you read my full review about it Here to see what it also looks like on skin.

Do you use any highlighters? What's your favorite beauty product that you always use?

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  1. I don't use any highlighters, YET. But I do want to start using them! Luckily you gave me a whole list to choose from! The MeMeMe got me curious too! A very subtle shimmer :)


    1. They're my favorite product by far. I love to glow in the show haha

  2. i nominated you for the versitile blogger award i love reading your blog so much! <3

    1. oh my goodness,thank you so much! Gonna check that out asap!

  3. Love this :) seriously wish we got all the products here!

    1. I don't have all here either,they're a very multicultural bunch hehe



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