Friday, September 7, 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Very Berry Mask

It's time to put a face mask on again and this time, it's full of Cranberries and Blueberries!

Did someone say Cranberry? My favorite fruit to eat,drink and find in anything that goes on my skin?
Well that just made the decision easy!

That was pretty much my reasoning when I got this mask, and I have to say, it was gonna get even better!

I have dry skin and that means being very reluctant to putting anything on it that are not natural oils. But during these past months, I have gathered some trust in Montagne Jeunesse and if any mask was going to touch my face again, it was very likely to be one of theirs.

May I say: It was brilliant!

I opened the little bag only to find a delicious smelling pale pink cream come out. When I put it on, I was sure I was putting yogurt on my face! Don't know if as a kid you had those little colorful yogurts from Danone that you could also stick in the fridge and make ice out of. I grew up calling them Fruchtzwerge but I'm sure each country had their own name.( Here's a picture of it for reference )
In any case,this is what the smooth, lovely, yogurt -like mask looked on:

My biggest surprise was taking it off. Face masks usually leave my skin feeling dry but this one did no such thing! I think Super Yogurt did an amazing job.And if I got half the goodness of cranberry and blueberry, I'm a happy camper!

The Ingredients:

As with any Montagne Jeunesse mask, I really appreciate that the ingredients are either natural or of natural origin, not to mention the very great lack of parabens.
You can see, each ingredient is explained, and the last two are simply colors.

All in all

I will be using this mask again! Also because there's enough in the package for me to use it one more time.
Liked the texture, liked the feel and like the end result!

How about you, what's your favorite mask and have you tried Montagne Jeunesse yet?

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  1. This sounds amazing, I love blueberries x

  2. I've used the pomegrante one. But like the sound of the berries! :D Think I'll pick one of these up too. :) xx

    1. oooh,pomegranate one sounds brilliant too! does it work on dry skin tho?

  3. Lol- "looks and smells delicious but please don't eat".
    Tried their warming mineral masque. I actually quite like this line of masques.

    1. was thinking the same haha! especially because it felt like yogurt,i found it especially useful that they put the warning

  4. i love having a nice face mask every once in a while xx

  5. ooo it looks and sounds lovely! I've never tried these face masks so I think it's time I got my hands on some!

    Kelsey xx

    1. it took me a while to try it too,but I'm really liking it! and the ingredients!

  6. I've had a bad experience with montagne jeunesse once and since then I'm avoiding it. But I read so many positive things, like this post! It's almost making me want to try it again! But I still don't have the guts. I'm afraid it'll ruin my skin again like years ago




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