Saturday, September 15, 2012

Picking Eyeliners

When it comes to Beauty Essentials, it's mascara and eyeliners that I couldn't do without.
I've always liked that simple yet chic line across the eyelid but it took me a lot of testing before I found the perfect thing to do it with.

So here's why, I thought I could tell you a bit about each kind of eyeliner, so you might find it easier to find the one that is perfect for you.

I'm gonna post them in the order that I've used them. Like most of us, I too started out with a pencil

Pencil Eyeliners:

For a beginner, they're easy to use. You know how to handle a pencil and you can make a line somewhat easy.
What you can't do is create a cat eye look. No matter how sharp the tip, it's still too thick to make a fine line happen.
Another issue is that it smudges easiest. It's very practical for blending, but sooner or later you will end up with unwanted black stains around your eye. Because of is creaminess, it will also not stay on for too long, especially compared to other types of eyeliners.
Of course, they are an important part in creating the smoky eye look or if you want to line your waterline.

Liquid Eyeliners:

The next step from the pencil. When I discovered them,I as over the moon because I could finally do a fine line.
Obviously they aren't as easy to handle as a pencil and it takes some getting used to until you stop making a trembled line across the eyelid. What you can do with them is a thick cat eye look because their tip allows you to apply a larger quantity of color and you can fill in shapes very well. I also find these to have the most real waterproof formula. They truly don't move when they are waterproof.

Felt Tip Eyeliners:

These are the ones like the Lancome you can see on top of the picture. Because they come in pencil form,they are much easier to handle than the liquid eyeliners that come in a pot.
You have to test out the formula though because I've experienced some very sheer ones that looked more grey than black when applied. So look for one that is truly black.
They are a good pick if you want to make subtle lines and for cat eye looks.

Gel Eyeliners:

I'll go ahead and say that these are my favorite kind. They give you a very intense black color and are very precise in applying as you can use the brush of your choice to dip and create the look you want.
Another great thing about them is that they stay in place and last until you take them off. You will also,almost never have a gel eyeliner smudge.

Hope this helped you a bit in finding the right liner or just getting to know more about the other kinds of eyeliners out there.

What kind do you use?

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  1. really informative post, I've tried a couple of gel eyeliners but almost always just stick to a kohl pencil in the waterline and liquid liner for the upper lash line. Maybe I just need to practice more with the gel liner, think its because it takes me longer to do that puts me off slightly x

    1. It's true,it takes a bit more to put on but you can do pretty much anything with it (except putting it on the waterline of course). That's why I really wanted to get my hands on gel liners when they first came out,they can make a gorgeous cat eye,or any kind of lines for that matter x

  2. Gel eyeliner is certainly my favourite as well.

    Much love: If you fancy a follow or a nosey. xx

    1. I don't think I could go back to other eyeliners either

  3. Excellent post for newbies! And you went in the same order I did, except I haven't tried any felt tip liners yet. Any you would recommend? :) x

    1. Felt tip liner recommendations? I found the one from Lancome to be the best (you can see it at the top of the picture here,over the Eyeko Fat liner) . It doesn't smudge and it is quite dark. Doesn't stay on extremely long,but no felt tip liners really do



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