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Fiber Mascara: CHANEL Vs. MAC Vs. EYEKO

The time has finally come for me to talk about the thing I love most: Fiber Mascara
I discovered it about 4 years ago when I was out shopping with a friend.Passing by the Chanel counter he suddenly said: "This! You have got to try this!"
I had no idea why it was supposed to be so spectacular, but since I had been let down by most of the mascaras until then, I figured Chanel would be a good pick.
I had no idea what would happen!
The moment I put that mascara on, I saw beautiful long lashes that felt perfectly naked and light!
Obviously, at that point I had no idea why that was, I just assumed  the people at Chanel were Mascara Geniuses.But after a bit of research, I realized it was the "fiber" part of the mascara that made it so great. And that's how this love story began.

The sad thing about it is, each mascara I ever loved got discontinued.
First it was Chanel, then MAC changed the formula of their Fibre Lash mascaras and then.... they discontinued it last year. Which sent me on a quest for a replacement that I found in the Eyeko Fat Brush. So far so good, but God I hope they don't think about discontinuing it!

Let's start with the beginning,shall we?

Like I said, the reason I started loving fiber mascara: Chanel Volume + Length
For a long time, I considered this to have the perfect brush. It applied the mascara evenly, did not clump (no fiber mascara clumps, actually) and I never felt my lashes more natural. I still think it is one of the best brushes ever, the problem's no longer available. Boo-hoo

This is the little guy who beat the Chanel brush. To this day, it remains my favorite mascara.
To start off, it had the most beautiful smell! I'm a sucker for anything that smells nice and will be instantly repulsed by anything that doesn't, as you may have seen in the post about my beauty NO-GOs.
Not to mention that it came off incredibly easy! I didn't even have to use any make-up remover sometimes. It was so rich in fiber that you could literally rub it off your lashes. You'd be left with little fibers on your fingers and no mascara on your lashes. This was very useful if, for example you'd forget you were wearing mascara (like I sometimes did) and would rub my eyes. No smudge and no proof of my little mishap,just fibers on my fingers.
Another amazing thing was that I actually grew new lashes while using this mascara. They say fibers nourish your lashes but I was a bit skeptical. After using this mascara though,I was fully convinced!

When I first saw this brush I instantly said "Oh No!" , but I clearly reacted too fast. With a modified formula, but still rich in fiber, the brush made absolutely no difference. The mascara looked just as great and did a good job. Sure, it wasn't as good as it's discontinued brother that I was swooning over above, but I trusted MAC that they knew what they were doing. I was sad I couldn't rub it off anymore and be left with little fibers on my hand, but it came of just as easy with cleansing lotions.
The sad part is...this too got discontinued. I was told  the False Lashes  s the new and improved Fibre Lash , but I didn't see much of the "fiber" in it. Maybe I'll give it a try one day though.

Which brings us to the present:

Eyeko, my lovely!  I think this is a classic case of  the more you use it,the more you love it !
You can read all of my swooning in the post I did about it,the day after I got it. But I will say, I have gotten even more impressed since then. I've mastered the art of using the Eyeko Shield (you can see what that is in the same post ) and my lashes are looking gorgeous!

Why Fiber Mascara?

  • First up, the fibers hug your lashes making them longer and thicker.The "fibers" are micro-fibers of nylon, rayon or silk which attach themselves to your lashes making them fuller and longer.
  • The fibers actually nourish your lashes and you will never have any lash fallout with them. Mine actually grew most while using the first MAC Fibre Rich Lash version. It was incredible!
  • It never clumps! Because of the fiber formula, it will not clump, as it is not a thick paste you're applying, but fine lines of micro-fiber that work individually to add volume and length to your lashes.
  • It never smudges! Again, because of the formula that is more fiber than liquid, you will not have this mascara ever be runny or start smudging. It stays put wherever you place it.
  • Your lashes will look natural and never feel heavy. I love fiber mascaras mainly because of the natural look they give. I've been asked several times "You're not actually wearing mascara,are you?"

Here's a comparison I did for MAC Fibre Rich Lash and Eyeko Fat Brush  a while back, just to show you how beautifully natural your lashes can look. Would have loved to show you the Chanel and the MAC Fibre Rich, but those have been emptied a long time ago.

I'm always open to new fiber mascara suggestions, so if you have any, please let me know!
Have you ever tried fiber mascaras or thought about it? What do you think?

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  1. I gave your blog a mention on my list of favourite blogs


  2. Brill review I've not tried any products from eyeko might hav to purchase this :) I've reviewed a micro-fibre product bit diff to mascaras but very similar u might want to check it out, its the second newest post on my blog ps: um following u thru gfc x

    1. It wasn't the mascara,was it? I'll go search for it more then :)
      Thanks for letting me know!
      And I think Eyeko is definitely worth a try!

  3. Beautiful, just beautiful! Your lashes and the entire review. The effects are so subtle. I didn't know that the silk or nylon fibers actually nourish lashes. I do find that my lashes are stronger with lesser fallout when I switched to fiber mascara. Eyeko Fat brush looks awesome! Thanks, now I gotta try it.

    1. I love the subtle effect too,main reason why I use them. They feel so light and perfect, I don't think I'm ever going to switch back to non-fiber mascaras.

  4. I just got fiber mascara by Too Faced. It has two parts to it, one "normal" mascara, and the other wand with whitish fibers. But the fibers look all dried out!! I tried it out and it works, but is that what its supposed to look like?? I always thought that the fiber mascaras are kinda like other mascaras, pasty and all, only had little fibers that would attach to the lashes. I'm too lazy to go back to Sephora so maybe you could answer it? TIA!!

    1. normally,they should have the same pasty texture as normal mascaras,the difference you should only feel not see. I think applying the fibers separately...yeah,might not be the best approach as not everyone can just get the fibers on right. I don't think I'd give the Too Faced mascara a go now.All the ones you've seen in this post are just as pasty as normal ones,but since they have micro fibers the difference is the micro,not in the "in your face" size

  5. Like I said, the reason I started loving fiber mascara: Chanel Volume + ...



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