Sunday, September 30, 2012

Polyvore Collage Day - Favorite Character from a TV Show

The Second Polyvore Collage Day is here!

If you want to join and/or read more about it, here's the post with all the details.And here is Last Week's Themed Collages: Autumn

This week's theme was Favorite Character from a TV Show 

I watch a bunch of shows, but none of them really have a character that has a certain style, most being generic "next door neighbor" or ""that FBI/CIA lady" but since I used to watch Gossip Girl when I had the chance, I figured Serena would be a good pick.
So here it is, Gossip Girl's Serena van der Woodsen inspired set

Fav Tv Show Character Set for PolyvoreCollageDay

She usually wears  these shiny pieces, be it either the top or the bottom, and at least one piece of statement jewelery.
So I paired up a regular looking shirt with some cool bottoms and a very visible gold necklace. For someone who, as far as I've seen, always walks around in heels, these suede booties looked like a good choice.

I'm starting to think I should give a combo like this a try sometimes, actually!

If you wanna collage away next week, make sure you let me know in a comment or on Twitter @TreasureChestt you want to join. And make sure you VOTE for next week's theme right here:

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Here's the collages of the other lovely ladies taking part in the Polyvore Collage Day. If you too have created a collage after reading this post, you can add your link right here:

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  1. Love it!! This is so Serena van der Woodsen haha!
    Those blazers and necklace are to die forrrrrrrrr

    1. I did my best. I just remember always being able to see her legs xD

  2. loving the mint green blazer and those boots :)



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