Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Days Of The Crackle Polish

A long time ago,in 2011,I was in my crackle polish phase. I even transmitted the bug to some of my friends.They ended up with a bigger crackle polish collection than me.To be honest,I was very proud of myself for being so efficient in inducing obsessions.

But a couple of days ago,I was going through some old photo folders and found this photo:

And I must say,I still think this is the best crackle combo I have had on my nails.The base is this wonderful bronze shade with golden reflexes from Catrice called In the Bronx , topped off with OPI's Black Shatter.
I think it's a good combo,don't you?


  1. That actually looks really gorgeous! Definitely a winning combination :) xx

    1. I didn't photograph it too well back then :P so I would actually say that it looks even prettier in real life :)



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