Monday, July 23, 2012

BBloggersunite Blog Hop!

Couple days ago,I stumbled upon BBloggersunite a really awesome blog with the idea of bringing beauty bloggers together.
They also do a Blog Hop,which makes it even easier for beauty bloggers to find each other.So now I'm gonna be participating in it too.

The rules of BBU Blog Hop are very simple:
♥ Follow our blog through GFC (or Hello Cotton)
♥ Follow our host, the lovely Lola from LolaStarHearts.
♥ Add our button to your sidebar, or do a blog post about our Blog Hop.
♥ Follow at least three new blogs & leave comment to tell them you found them through BBU Blog Hop
♥ Follow back blogs that have followed you!
♥ Leave a comment if you’d like us to follow your blog

Here's the original post and the blogs that are already doing it:
BBloggers Blog Hop
Get searchin' and get followin' ! :)


  1. Hey lovely....found you via BBU blog hop.....come say hello

    1. thanks for the follow! Right back at ya! :)

  2. Hey, found you via the BBU blog hop :)

    Love your pics, just wish they were a little bigger for my crappy short sighted eyes haha.


    1. I know what you mean,but the layout is killing their edges when they're bigger. I'm gonna have to see what I can do about it.

      Thanks for following! followed back you are! xx



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