Sunday, July 15, 2012

My First Time Doing Water Marble Nails and What I've Learned

Here's the story of me trying out this lovely thing called "Water Marbling". Tutorials have been around for ages now and  a search for it on Youtube gets you a ton of pretty results.
So I decided to give it a shot. What I've learned from this experiment is:
1. Use polishes that are really liquid or else they won't spread around in the water.Ideally you should test the ones you want to use before you use them,it's not fun to have one color that doesn't want to move ruin the pattern.
2. Never use water that is warmer than room temperature.
3. Move fast when you're using a toothpick or any sharp tool to make the patterns. Especially the outer layers will dry fast and might break the design.
4. Depending on colors you use,always have a layer of polish on your nails already (preferably white). The colors in the water tend to be a bit transparent and won't show on your bare nail too much.
5. Make sure your base color is dry,or you might end up with smudges.
6. Bubbles will appear if you don't stick your finger in the water in a very decisive manner.
and one more updated tip
7.Make sure you drop the polish in the water fast,because if it gets a bit dry hanging on the tip of the brush,it won't spread in the water

The result could be better,but since I've learned the 5 things above,I think it's a wonderful thing it doesn't look worse. I'll keep doing them,and I'll show you some more soon,which I'm sure will look better.

And here is the great unveil:

I used China Glaze Hang-Ten Toes from their Summer Neons and Golden Rose No.53


  1. Great tips! I've been wanting to try water marbling for a long time now but have been too worried I would majorly mess up!

    I found you through the BBU Blog Hop :D

    1. same here,and then one morning I just figured,why not!

      I'll follow you right back,I just seem to have some issues with adding blogs to my list for some reason and as soon as it's fixed I'm on it!



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