Friday, July 27, 2012

Mi-Ny: Glam F. Blue

We interrupt our program for a special message that is about how I found a whole big nail polish store at the mall yesterday and almost had a happiness stroke!
The brand is MiNy or Mi-Ny (I'm still unsure about the hyphen). They're an italian brand that has everything my little polish addicted heart desires. Obviously I couldn't leave the store empty handed,so I got the first two polishes that I remembered I was missing. Let it be said,they have so so so so many colors!

Today,I present you : Glam F. Blue
I initially grabbed it because I thought it was grey but then I saw the lovely blue shiny particles in it and was hooked.

Here's a better view of how the blue particles shine. They are less visible as such on the nail,but overall,you get a very icy look,with slight blue reflexes and me likey a lot!

As you can see,they are free of Toluene,Formaldehyd,Dbp and Camphor.Plus points!

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