Monday, July 16, 2012

Cosmic Black

A while ago I got a bunch of W7 glitters,including Cosmic Black. It fascinated me because it was, Black glitter you say? Tres interesting!
It ended up being more silver glitter in black grainy base,but still fascinating.

As you can see (click on the pic to enlarge.If I post it bigger,it doesn't fit in nicely in the layout anymore),it has a bit of a grainy texture.It reminded me of pitch or bitumen.I could almost envision a potential highway being built on top of it.

It's a pretty interesting polish,and like the Gold Dazzle before it,it stays on your nails quite a while,since it's not jelly based. The feel is something to get used to though,because even with top coat,it keeps some of the the graininess,so don't expect extra smooth stuff.

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