Friday, July 27, 2012

The New Kids On The Block!

I've been doing some purchasing lately and figured I'd share some with you.
They'll all get their spotlight but here's the big bunch.

First up,the polishes,which are mostly pastel and awesome for summer:

We have Manhattan,Rival de Loop,Catrice and my new discovery: Mi-Ny.
They'll all have their turn on the blog,and I have already started with the ambiguous Grey/Blue from Mi-Ny HERE

Then we've got the face masks.I'm  a bit nuts for them...clearly

And last but not least, goodies for the bath.I'm gonna tell you more about the soaps,especially about the Adzuki Bean one soon,because it is simply amazing! Of course,I'll be swooning about the gorgeous smells of the rest of  the products too.They can't be ignored!

That's it for now. Stay tuned for the detailed reports! :)


  1. I love face masks! The Montagne Jeunesse are amazing. Have you tried the Green Tea peel off one?
    I'm your newest follower, found you through BBU's Blog Hop
    Have a lovely weekend
    Zoe x

    1. Not yet,but I definitely will.I'm a sucker for peel off masks to be honest :P

      Thanks for following and I'll follow back asap! I just seem to not be able to add blogs right now for some reason but as soon as it's fixed I'll follow you!

  2. oooh,I saw a cupcake,I'm hooked! Definitely following you now!



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