Saturday, July 14, 2012

Eyeko Fat Brush Mascara

The time has come to swoon over Eyeko. As I mentioned,I had gotten my order from them a couple days a go and I was very impressed when I saw they threw in an extra FAT Eye Stick in petrol blue,which by the way,is super creamy and easy to apply and work with.Blue eye liners may not be my thing,but I might give this one a shot. And as I  was saying in my other post,I find their packaging so so cute!

I ordered this mainly because I am obsessed with fibre mascara. I love fibre because it makes my lashes feel naked,and not heavy at all. It also gives them a natural look and it's good for them. What can you want more? After my favorite MAC Mascara got discontinued,I started searching for a replacement and so I got to Eyeko.
Thus came the time to test!

The mascara came with an Eyeko Shield.It helps the application and prevents smudges on your lid.And so it did.
This is the little magic tool. I might try to use it as a guitar pick too,just to see if it works :p


Here's the magic mascara.

It's called Fat Brush for a reason.That brush is really fat! The downside is that it takes some getting used to in maneuvering it.For the record,it is the biggest brush I've dealt with so far,but thanks to the Eyeko Shield (which I'm gonna need some training with too,before I use it to its full potential) it does manage to cover the entire lash,even the tinier fraction amongst it.

And here's the moment we've all been waiting for: What does it look on your lash? Well,this is what it looks like:

You also get this handy guide to what their Mascara range does,contains and what their brushes look like.

All in all,I like it! It gives my lashes the natural look I was aiming for,keeps them feeling super light and long. Gonna need to get used to the brush,but once I do,I'm sure my lashes are gonna look even fluffier.

You can order the Fat Brush Mascara on The Eyeko Website



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