Saturday, July 7, 2012

China Glaze Summer Neons : Hang-Ten Toes

Let me start off by saying,I just could not get the 100% actual color on camera.
I could Photoshop it,but I find that to be unfair,so I won't.
This neon is actually a pure Barbie Pink to me. Less neon,but definitely pink. I like it,but not as much as much as this perfect coral neon from China Glaze. That one to me,is borderline radioactive and absolutely the neon I dreamed of finding.
But back to this pretty pink. I'll show you several photos,in several lights. The true color is a mix of them,and much brighter than my camera wanted to photograph.

Indoor natural light

 Outdoor natural light 

Indoor natural light with flash

Like I said,the color is much brighter and much more fuchsia than the photos can show.Think the last photo is closest to the truth.
I still like it,it's just not as neon as expected. I usually test it's "neonness" by looking in the mirror and seeing how much my nails pop. Not that much in this case.

It's a really pretty pink that I like owning though.Definitely gonna be using it in the future. But I do have a pink popping neon that I will show you soon!

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